Learning SQL

Ben Ewing


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I’ve been using the past few weeks to improve my SQL fluency, and I just wanted to share a few quick resources that I’ve found useful. In no particular order:

  1. SQLZoo. The quizzes and questions hit the perfect balance of challenging but not so hard that it breaks my sense of flow.

  2. The sqlite3 package for Python and RSQLite package for R. While one certainly could install and use something like PostgreSQL on their laptop (and it’s definitely a useful tool to learn!), I suspect it’s overkill when learning SQL and for most laptop-based projects. The sqlite3 and RSQLite these packages both come with a copy of SQLite, and let you write queries in SQL and get results in language-native data types.

  3. Mode is a company which, among other prodcuts, provides an interactive SQL editor and some pretty well written tutorials. I’m a little more dubious about recommending Mode as it does require an account, and I’ve found the editor to be clunky, but the tutorials seem to be quite thorough.

  4. SQL Murder Mystery is a set of tutorials from Northwestern’s Knight Lab. I haven’t had a chance to try this out yet, but it looks fun.

  5. Practical SQL is a good book if you decide that PostgreSQL is in fact not overkill! It is definitely written for people newer to programming in general, though it does cover deeper topics than many intro books.

That’s it for now, happy querying!

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