Cozy Coding


Ben Ewing


December 19, 2022

Cozy Coding Season

I realized recently that I’ve been slowly accumulating books and projects that could easily be described as “cozy.” Every resource listed here has a distinct oddball personality, and should be readable in a week or two. As a bonus, many of these are available for free (though, you should support the authors if possible).


Coding Challenges

  • What can I say? It starts cozy, but it usually doesn’t end that way, it’s the Advent of Code

  • Interested in neo-vintage coding and want a more tangible product than Advent of Code provides? Have yourself a Tiny Code Christmas


I don’t have any specific resources for these, but with a spare Arduino or Raspberry Pi it might be fun to build one of these things.

  • Build a MIDI controller.

  • Build a sequencer, for example.

  • Find an old roomba in the trash, build a trash robot!

Have a recommendation?

Feel free to file an issue with your recommendation here!